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Nuka Glaze Recipe, ∆10 reduction Custer Feldspar 36.00 Quartz 30.00 Whiting 22.00 OM-4 6.00 Wood Ash (unwashed) 3.00 Talc 2.00 Bone Ash 2.00 Notes: This a ∆10 Reduction glaze that will fire to a Creamy White with low gloss to satiny finish. Good over tenmoku, will run if applied too thick over thick tenmoku. As always, test for your ingredient and firing conditions.

Water Color Green ** Cone 6-10 Custer Feldspar Flint Lithium Carb. 3124 Frit Whiting Strontium Carb. Copper Carb. Bentonite 1440 510 120 150 480 225 240 90 Total 3225 Comments: For more details VERY fluid and runs A LOT.  Use very thinly over SCM and creates crystals (reduction only). Spray only. Picture on right is Water color green over SCM ****

Kakurezaki Ryuichi

4 Wood Fired Shino Sake Cups, 5.5cm x 6.5cm, 2010 - Elena Renker - 201009gr

作品紹介【4】橋本忍展 : 器・UTSUWA&陶芸blog

Tenmoku Glaze recipe and more!! Cone 6-7 Oxidation

雨降り  #古伊万里 #蕎麦猪口


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