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Drosera intermedia 'Cuba' seedlings Tropical Birdsnest sundew growing from seed red color

Drosera adelae, commonly known as the lance-leaved sundew or the Adelaide sundew, is a carnivorous plant in the genus Drosera that is endemic to Queensland, Australia. Drosera adelae typically grows in the densely shaded margins of the north-eastern Australian rainforests in sandy soils along creek banks or on wet rocks near waterfalls. The species is native to Rockingham Bay, Hinchinbrook Island in Queensland, Australia

Heliamphora pulchella, a species of Marsh Pitcher Plant endemic to the Chimanta group of Tepuis in Venezuela.

Oxalis Palmifrons

Drosera Burmannii, by Azais Cedric Napp. The tropical sundew is a small, compact species in the carnivorous plant genus Drosera. It is one of the fastest trapping sundews as well, and its leaves can curl around an insect in only a few seconds, compared to the minutes or hours it takes other sundews to surround their prey.

**Araceae: skunk cabbage

Albany pitcher plant

Nepenthes rafflesiana

Drosera kenneallyi is a carnivorous plant endemic to the Kimberley region. We had colonies similar sundews growing in the rock paddock.