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More Russian doll creators - a 3D printed cat in multiple sizes! cat_sphinx_color_0006__

LUTS - Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD) company :: Delf, Bluefairy, Blythe, Doll items like wig, clothes, shoes and Doll faceup materials

cat_sphinx_color_0007__ Amazing BJD cat soon available as 3D print


Sphynx Cat BJD

Inspired by Japanese folklore, myths and dreams, Yoshimasa Tsuchiya carves each sculpture from wood then adds plaster and paint during the finishing process. Tsuchiya holds a Doctor of Fine Arts degree in Conservation, Classical Technique.

I got my Oleum BJD cat kit about a week back together with a 2 more kits to be painted as a commission. I ordered the 6cm Sphinx and the other kits were a 6cm Oriental and a 7cm Sphinx. Mine is the silver cocoa one with Classic Ocicat pattern. The cat's are 3D printed and I painted them by layering dye made by diluting acrylic paint. I seeped the gradient base dye in forst and then added detail layer by layers and did a dry brushing with white to give them a more furry feel. I also glued on…

■ tamaodoll-ball jointed dolls Ball Jointed Doll diary production of Tamao

The launch of the polyurethane cats

Owl figure marionette doll