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The little "Monolith" speaker family of Grundig out of 1980. (Presumably named after the like of Kubrick's "Odyssey".)

”view” - small speaker by sonihouse


ikyaudio Red Lobester Audio Speakers - FREE 20 WATT MINI AMP

Ikausdio Red Lobster Audio Speakers by Ikmagoo: Tech Lust! Handmade from PVC piping, each housing a 3" magnesium/aluminum alloy full range driver. $199.

JBL HL89 - ジュピターオーディオ

Elipson BS50 Speaker (Tribute to the famous Chambord)

JBL HL89 - ジュピターオーディオ

ジェリー・オコンネル,オーディオマニアのセットアップ,スピーカドライバ,オーディオエレクトロニクス,Lowther Audiovector,Van Jerry,Inspiring Rigs,Hifi Sound,Sound Room

Vintage audio Hi-Fi Era JBL 4343B speakers and a nice vinyl record collection. Talk about your wall of sound! (Fb)

Gradient Helsinki 1.5 - one of the weirdest speaker designs around... the speaker aims to eliminate audio interference caused by the room