David Gammon, Transcriptor Hydraulic Reference turntable, featured in Design Journal, 1968, London. This turntable (with only three feet) is famous for being shown in the movie Clockwork Orange. Gammon designed the record player for his state-of-the-art Transcriptor tone arm, launched 1964. (open image in a new window for zoomable super-size)

A Rare Transcriptor Hydraulic Reference Turntable (As seen in Stanley Kubrick's film 'A Clockwork

栗の古材 : オーディオ大好きおやじの日記

Vintage audio Thorens TD 520 turntable

SATIN M7-8Eの画像:オーディオ大好きおやじの日記

SME 3009 Limited Edition tonearm

Avalon Tesseract loudspeakers

Da Vinci Audio Labs UniSon MKII

THORENS TD226 1982 - www.remix-numerisation.fr - Rendez vos souvenirs durables ! - Sauvegarde - Transfert - Copie - Digitalisation - Restauration de bande magnétique Audio - MiniDisc - Cassette Audio et Cassette VHS - VHSC - SVHSC - Video8 - Hi8 - Digital8 - MiniDv - Laserdisc - Bobine fil d'acier

SME IV Tonearm

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