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Helmet types.Two new helmet appeared in I. BC They are related to each other and are usually combined into agenportsky type. Agensky type (17) is reminiscent of bowler hat with fields, while portskogo type with the same "pot" there is a fairly large nazatylnik which is riveted to the helmet (16). Both were wearing helmets naschechniki new type - that was later borrowed by the Romans. Portsky type was a direct prototype Imperial Gallic helmet I in. BC Samples of such helmets

Ancient Rome Military History | ancient roman siege weapons: hebrustan

Samurai war armor for Yukimura Sanada, Japan

Aragonese helmet circa 1470.

Chichak, a type of helmet (migfer) originally worn in the 15th-16th century by cavalry of the Ottoman Empire, consisting of a rounded bowl with ear flaps, a peak with a sliding nose guard passing through the peak, and an extension in the back to protect the neck. Various other countries used their own versions of the chichak including Mughal India, in Europe the zischagge helmet was a Germanisation of the original Turkish name. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

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Corinthian Helmet from Thrace