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Helmet types.Two new helmet appeared in I. BC They are related to each other and are usually combined into agenportsky type. Agensky type (17) is reminiscent of bowler hat with fields, while portskogo type with the same "pot" there is a fairly large nazatylnik which is riveted to the helmet (16). Both were wearing helmets naschechniki new type - that was later borrowed by the Romans. Portsky type was a direct prototype Imperial Gallic helmet I in. BC Samples of such helmets

Middle 1st c. B.C. Celtic - Gaul Iron Age helmet. (discovered: Forêt de Rouvrey, Normandy)

-极文-的照片 - 微相册@理逸ErkeLee采集到构图、摄影、灵感、参考(162图)_花瓣摄影

Etruscan Bronze Hemet, Montefortino Type, Circa 4th-3rd Century BC The Montefortino helmet was a type of Celtic, and later Roman, military helmet used from around 300 BC through the 1st century AD with continuing modifications. This helmet type is named after the region of Montefortino in Italy, where a Montefortino helmet was first uncovered in a Celtic burial.

Ancient Rome Military History | ancient roman siege weapons: hebrustan

Roman legionary helmet with brass applique. Mid-I century AD.

Samurai war armor for Yukimura Sanada, Japan

A Rare and Important Roman Tinned Bronze "Imperial Gallic" Helmet 1st cent AD

Manly, masculine armor!

Cavalry helmets from around ad 200, ever wonder were the burgonet came from?