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Painted Mock Viper - Psammodynastes pictus

Desert Death Adder - Acanthophis pyrrhus Acanthophis pyrrhus (Elapidae) is a venomous adder native to Australia. As the species name suggests, pyrrhus means ‘flame-colored’, this snake has a bright reddish-brown coloration. Although venom of these snakes is highly neurotoxic, Death Adder envenomations are a rare occurrence in Australia.  References: [1] - [2] - [3] Photo credit: ©Stephen Zozaya | Locality: near Port Hedland, Western Australia (2012)

Sri Lankan green pitviper (Ceylon Pit Viper) Trimeresurus trigonocephalus (Viperidae), commonly referred to as Sri Lankan green pitviper, is a species endemic to Sri Lanka. Although T. trigonocephalus is a venomous species, bites are rare, and adverse clinical outcomes following bites are not known in the published literature. References: [1] - [2] Photo credit: ©George Cruiser Locality: Sinharaja National Park, Sri Lanka

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Komodo Dragon. Besides being the largest lizard on the planet, they are the only other poisonus lizard besides the Gila Monster. Their saliva contains enough parasites and nasty stuff to kill anything the dragon bites! Komodo Dragons have been known to bring down water buffalo by biting them and then following them for days or weeks as the infections kick in!