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Desert Death Adder - Acanthophis pyrrhus Acanthophis pyrrhus (Elapidae) is a venomous adder native to Australia. As the species name suggests, pyrrhus means ‘flame-colored’, this snake has a bright reddish-brown coloration. Although venom of these snakes is highly neurotoxic, Death Adder envenomations are a rare occurrence in Australia.  References: [1] - [2] - [3] Photo credit: ©Stephen Zozaya | Locality: near Port Hedland, Western Australia (2012)


Sri Lankan green pitviper (Ceylon Pit Viper) Trimeresurus trigonocephalus (Viperidae), commonly referred to as Sri Lankan green pitviper, is a species endemic to Sri Lanka. Although T. trigonocephalus is a venomous species, bites are rare, and adverse clinical outcomes following bites are not known in the published literature. References: [1] - [2] Photo credit: ©George Cruiser Locality: Sinharaja National Park, Sri Lanka

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