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特別なアーティスト,Character Named,Character Creator,Creature Character,Named Blinky,David Monzingo,Stan Winston School,Systems Commercial,Effects Character

Special Character Effects artists Andy Schoneberg and John Cherevka paint the Queen of the Lair from the Stan Winston-produced SHE CREATURE.

Bruce Spaulding Fuller sculpts the mutant kangaroo man "Deetee" for TANK GIRL.

Special Character Effects master Shane Mahan applies last minute blood and gore to one of PREDATOR's human trophies from PREDATOR 2.

Character Creator Shannon Shea adds final texture to the nearly complete "Captain Keller" clay sculpture from PHANTOM HARBOR.

Special Effects Character Creation artists John Cherevka and Michael Manzel airbrush the full-size on set reference Na'vi from AVATAR.

Learn how to make a dinosaur. FX artist Ted Haines teaches you how to carve teeth and add detail and texture to your foam T-Rex Head.

Rob and Barney Burman do a life cast

Medusa, Stop motion , Ray Harryhausen, 1981. Like it use to be

Adding the final coarse "insect hairs" to the lead character from the Stan Winston-produced EARTH VS THE SPIDER.