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Who was the best Alfred Pennyworth? - Imgur

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みんな仲良し!「GOTHAM / ゴッサム」キャスト来日 秘蔵フォト特集!|AXN - 海外ドラマチャンネル|AXN BOARD

みんな仲良し!「GOTHAM / ゴッサム」キャスト来日 秘蔵フォト特集!|AXN - 海外ドラマチャンネル|AXN BOARD

Gotham. When Cameron Monaghan laughed like the Joker, I got chills. Even if he doesn't turn out to be the infamous villain, it was enthralling to watch this portrayal.

Why of course Deadpool!

テイラーコーリー,コー​​リーマイケル,マイケル・スミス,ペンギン,ゴタム,Taylor S2,Lord Taylor,Robin Lord

Peter Tomasi - I don't know who that is, guessing a writer, but it's a good quote. In every story you challenge the hero, present him with fear, hesitation, uncertainty. Batman isn't at his best when presented that way. Batman is a constant. A force. The drama is created by seeing how the ideal human being solves the unthinkable situation. In a cape.

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