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The New Directions Sing in the Glee Season 3 Finale, Episode 22: “Goodbye”

Brittany gets her superhero on in "Dynamic Duets."

"The hardest thing For me to watch Is the last episode Of glee Without Finn "

Glee has announced the synopsis for the next 3 episodes through May the 9th.  That would be episode 4x20 "Lights Out", ,4x 21 "Wonder-ful"  and 4x22 Glee's Finale "All or Nothing" which ends with New Directions at Regionals.  Does that mean that the New Directions will not make it Nationals?

Glee Season 6: The Final Season, A Farewell to the ‘New Directions’

This is a big spoiler alert!  So do not read ahead if you don't want what is going to happen in "Dynamic Duet" episode .  E-News got an early screening and said that this episode was their favorite by far for Glee Season 4 except for the episode 4x04 "The Break-Up". So we say put down that turkey leg on Thanksgiving and go to your TV set and watch Glee!                                                    Spoiler Alert!

glee 100th episode celebration


Well Gleeks everywhere are starting to say that they are about to scream because they cannot wait until Glee Season 4 to return so they can see their beloved character and couples. Spoiler alert! Not every Glee couple will continue to be together. Also every Glee Club senior is vying for top position of New Directions. Who will it be?  So if you want some teasers then read on to see what's up on first episodes of Glee.

As Ryan Murphy,Glee's co-creator tweeted  last week that this week's episode 4x18 "Shooting Star" is the most emotional episode yet on Glee. How can it be more emotional than "The Break Up" episode?  E-News has leaked some big spoilers. Be prepared to be shocked                                                            S-P-O-I-L-E-R-S    A-H-E-A-D !