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忠 chu loyalty

Fabienne Verdier calligrapher at work with a brush


えいほうブログ めざせ! 美文字への道-いろは

Poet Li Bai Brush Holder with Two Brushes - Qing Dynasty

「幸」, it means “happiness”. It can be pronounced 「しあわ-せ」 (shiawa-se), 「さち」(sachi) and 「こう」 (kou). 「あなたは幸せですか。」 "Are you happy?"

清巌宗渭 「地獄」<br/>Hell

A cutting from the collected poems of Minamoto no Shitagō ( ACE911- ACE983), calligraphy by FUJIWARA Sadanobu, ACE 1110, Japan

Japanese wide brushes

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