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The tyramine in olives, avacados, bananas, etc. is believed to be a trigger of migraines. - See more at:

FAMOUS SPOONIE: Sinéad O'Connor is a controversial Irish singer. She's also another of the fibromyalgia celebrities who has taken the time to reveal how this chronic syndrome has debilitated her life. In 2003, she stated that her fibromyalgia diagnosis was one of the key factors that led to her retirement from music. She said that while she has a very high threshold for pain, the fatigue was so debilitating that she simply was unable to handle it, thus was forced into early retirement.

Delete toxins in foods: manuf. food is easy - don't eat it (it's 'old' & high histamine); that leaves nature's bounty, so go for organic to lessen the liver's burden of detoxing pesticides. Re: nightshades (tomato, peppers, eggplant) at bottom, hmm, and caffeine, alcohol, yeast (which is in flour products) = high histamine. FYI: Potatoes, goji berries, & tobacco also are nightshades). If you smoke, try to stop - your liver has so much to do already.

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My Friend Healed Her Own Body With Juicing in 40 Days

After getting no results for her migraines and fibromyalgia from a traditional doctor - Ruth went on a 40 day juice diet and got fantastic results!

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Dealing with trigger points. A health guide for people with fibromyalgia.

"Proprioceptive dysfunction is implicated in Fibromyalgia." Also, in POTS, which many use a low-histamine diet as part of their treatment! See Dr. Diana aka Prettyill on Youtube for more info.