Caroline Kennedy (3), kisses her baby brother John F. Kennedy Jr. - 1961 - Palm Beach, Fla. - Photo by Richard Avedon - @~ Mlle

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This is just so stinking adorable

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Narrated by Morgan Freeman, JFK: A President Betrayed uncovers new evidence on how John F. Kennedy reversed years of US policy by leading back-channel peace efforts with Fidel Castro, Nikita Khrushchev and other US enemies. This riveting documentary highlights how President Kennedy was subverted by top US officials and resented by military advisors, all the while considering how the world may be different had he lived. Available to stream on Netflix and Hulu & for purchase on Amazon…

Audrey Hepburn

a little dancer and her audience

16 types of Government Infographic

- Jackie, JFK and daughter Caroline, 1958


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