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Jade pendant with double-phoenix motif, 5th-4thC BC. Collection of Hubei…

A jade ornament in the shape of grapes from the Jin Dynasty (1115–1234) on display in the Shanghai Museum, Shanghai, China.

Fresh as the day it was carved, 400 yr-old Qing Dynasty jade cabbage. Spot the katydid!

Two pale green jade 'floral' brush washers, Ming Dynasty

Red Bird ( Suzaku ) Murals (Color). Goguryo-time (before 668), probably the 7th century .; Kanso Middle Tomb, North Korea Source: June's Memo ., Blog (Last Accessed: 2014/1) The Red Bird of the South (jap. Suzaku). Mural from inside a hill tomb of the Korean kingdom of Goguryeo.

Ring: Previous 10/199 Next Back to search results Object Ring,Archaistic jade in the form of a coiled dragon. Qing dynasty,18th-19th century.

"Embroidery" from Yanaga Hokkaido Museum. Ainu "matanpushi" - headband

Chinese jade mounted silver circular box: Late 19th\20th c., marked on underside of base, 0.75"h x 2.5"dia

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えりごんさんのツイート: "よく、雷テクスチャの作り方聞かれるので汎用性の高い手描きテクスチャの作り方を簡単にまとめました。…

Jade belt plaque with dancer motif, Tang Dynasty. Collection of Xian Museum, China