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White Crane Japanese Drawing | Create a lightbox

静嘉堂文庫美術館 | 酒井抱一筆 絵手鑑

Red-crowned Japanese crane.


大琳派展ー継承と変奏ー(東京国立博物館): かんとりーろーど 「ルースケの常陸風土記」

Suzuki Kiitsu 鈴木其一 (1796-1858 ), 群鶴圖屏風


Animal Spirits & Totems: Cranes

Cranes as spirit animals are ancient symbols of longevity, balance, wisdom, and good fortune. The crane as totem also speaks to the uses of secrecy, devotion, and protection, and the responsibility that comes with protecting and guiding self and others.

.:. Shokoku-ji, Meikaku-zu. Kyoto 相国寺 鳴鶴図

~~ Japanese Red-Crowned Crane ~~

red crowned cranes

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