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How To Channel Yourself | Spirit Science

Here’s what you need to know: your seven chakras aren’t just energy centers. They are sacred containers of knowledge which contain an enormous amount of specific information for your growth. Each chakra holds within it a soul task. If any soul task is left incomplete, painful symptoms can show up in your life and your relationships. These symptoms are signs showing you where you need to do your work.

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How to Channel Your Higher Self

How to channel higher self

5 Spiritual Books That Will Change Your Perspective of Reality | Spirit Science

Dan McDonald Life Regenerator "Raw Inspiration"

You already know you’ve got some spiritual gifts, the problem is that we forget...and by forget I mean everyday we forget.  If you’re like me you forget every hour.  As a  yoga teacher, entrepreneur, and business coach I see these gifts go under utilized all the time. I’ve created a


Energy Clearing With Positive Energy From The Angels!

To complete energy clearing, call in your angels and white light. Your angels are ready to help cleanse your space, and bless it with love, and positive energy.