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star crossed myth teorus - Google zoeken

Omg! I thought Teo, Ikky and Hue had it bad in their girly god form clothes, but Karno looks like something from renisance fair! Who designed these bad outfits? Scorpio is still winning the god form battle! Star Crossed Myth

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Star Crossed Myth__Ichthys (chibi)

Mystic Messenger Chatting with Seven vs Jumin

Karno - January Calendar - Star Crossed Myth

Voltage Inc Samurai Love Ballad | 天下統一恋の乱 love ballad

star crossed myth teorus - Google zoeken

Kogi ~ @Touken Ranbu

Star Crossed Myth - Teorus... I must say I never expected that outfit to look like J-Lo's dress in a full length view...and he has No! He's super pretty but my Teorus is not a cross-dresser!