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Hunter Stabler is a Philadelphia-based cut-paper artist who slices up sheets of paper in order to create elaborate sculptures. Above is “Baba Yoga Misquotes the Face to Steeleye Span.”

✿★✝☮ SKULL ✝☯★☮

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Cut paper illustrations by Helen Musselwhite.

“Hobo Nickel” describes any small-denomination coin (though, normally soft nickels) that people carve to create miniature reliefs of…well, all sorts of things. It started sometime in the 18th century but continues to this day; There’s even an entire society dedicated to the art of nickel carving.

rare find...clown skull...hehe

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Silver Skull Vinaigrette, Europe 1701-1900: Used to hold strong smelling substances to be sniffed via tiny holes when the user was passing a particularly smelly area. At the time miasma theories of disease were dominant (the idea foul air caused disease), so carrying a vinaigrette was a protective measure. If a person felt faint they could sniff the vinaigrette & the sharp smell was hoped to shock the body into action. The skull was a memento mori- a reminder of death & was carried at all…