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PLAN Chinese Z-18F Anti-Submarine Helicopter

Female Warriors of People's Liberation Army (PLA) | Chinese Military Review

Mi-24 Super Hind

Changhe Aircraft Industry Group (CAIG) has developed Chinese Z-18F Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Helicopter for People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN). Z-18F Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Helicopter is based on Z-18 transport helicopter which was designed to replace production line of old Z-8/French SA-321 Super Frelon.


First image of the Chinese Y-8 GX6 Maritime Patrol and Anti-submarine warfare aircraft duing its flight trails. Y-8 GX6 Maritime Patrol and Anti-submarine warfare aircraft is being developed to improve the capabilities of the Peoples Liberation Army Navy in the Anti-submarine warfare.

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SA-400ジャッカル(SA-400 Jackal)。アメリカに拠点を置くScion UAS, LLCによって発表されたOPV(有人/無人機)の一つ。必要に応じて有人/無人での操作を選択できるとのこと。農薬散布などに対応する。

The Kellett XR-8 (later redesignated XH-8) was a helicopter built in the United States during World War II. It was a two-seat machine intended to demonstrate the feasibility of a twin-rotor system, and while it accomplished this, it also demonstrated a number of problems that prevented further development of this particular design.