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Christmas Gifts for Kids with ADHD and SPD

Christmas Gifts for Kids with ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder


10 Toys Great for Kids with Special Needs

10 Toys Great for Kids with Special Needs -'s aunt gave him these for Christmas this past year and he LOVES them!

Meltdowns and how to address them with sensory processing disorder.


Sleeping with Sensory Processing Disorder

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My Child Has Sensory Processing Disorder {SPD} NOW WHAT? Repinned by Apraxia Kids Learning. Come join us on Facebook at Apraxia Kids Learning Activities and Support- Parent Led Group.

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What Is Sensory Processing Disorder? Sensory Processing 101

DIY Diffuser Necklace for children's olfactory system - fun activity from Sensory Processing 101 book

Why I Won't Explain SPD to Most People

A HUGE list of Sensory Integration Activities to target any and all sensory systems. These help children process sensory input more accurately and effectively so they can participate in important contexts such as SCHOOL!

The "Side Effects" of Sensory Processing Disorder

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Parenting Tip! Sensory Kids Will Surprise You

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