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A book that makes sense no matter where what chapter you read from - WTF fun facts

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遊び場,赤毛,クレイジーな事実,おもしろ情報,奇妙な事実,赤毛の岩,Compelling Fact S,Beauty Ideas

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50 Superfoods - The Ultimate Shopping List

Cool facts

世界のコーヒー消費量 TOP30  / 世界各国の1人あたりの年間コーヒー消費量を、コーヒーカップ(120cc)の杯数で換算してみました。世界で最もコーヒーを飲むルクセンブルグでは、1日平均7.79杯。日本人は0.93杯なので、なんと8倍に!

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How to Make a Frozen Bubble

Ice bubbles, WTF Fun Facts - We are so doing this this winter if it gets to below 32.

To know what you don't know > 8fact! that's one of the reasons i don't drink that nasty stuff Yuck!

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