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Big Lizard. I stopped to see these at Dinosaur NM, Utah.

Libyan rock art painting in Tadrart Acacus (the Acacus Mountains) in the Sahara Desert,

First Painters May Have Been Neanderthal, Not Human

First Painters May Have Been Neanderthal, Not Human European cave paintings are older than previously thought, raising the possibility that Neanderthals rather than Homo sapiens were the earliest painters. That’s not yet certain: The paintings may have been made by humans at an unexpectedly early date, which would itself raise intriguing questions, though none so tantalizing as Neanderthal painters.


Cueva de Chauvet. Megaloceros: tipo extinto de alce gigante. Dibujado a carboncillo. Este animal, que desapareció hace más de 10.000 años, tenía astas impresionantes, a pesar de que no se representan aquí. Observe cómo se produjeron las diferentes actividades en este panel: pinturas negras, clawmarks, raspaduras y dibujos negros.


Drakensberg S.A. - Cave paintings

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Crossed Bison The image of the crossed bison gives us an indication of the artistic skill of the cave painters. The hind legs of the bison cross, giving the illusion that one is closer than the other. This technique highlights mankind’s early use of perspective.