don't cry, olly... then you'll make me cry... and that will be a huge mess

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Grant Gustin || The Flash || gif series

writing prompt: Pick a year, pick a disaster, now write about the aftermath using this picture.

ストーリーのアイデア,ストーリーのインスピレーション,インスピレーションを書く,文字のインスピレーション,危険な兆候,Vision Blurred,Parents Finding,Feel Evil,Violently Sobs

Beauty | 美しさ | Beauté | Bellezza | красота | Humano | человек | 人間 | Humain…

Awe Chase :/ to anyone that reads this story on wattpad you have no idea what I'm going to do to him lol XP Like really how is it possible to be so emotionally attached to a character and be all like "oh this is my unique creation I love you so very much" and then literally two seconds later come up with every way possible to crush them like a ladybug


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