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Rubellite - This is the 2nd largest Jonas Tourmaline from what I have read and seen. The largest one is called the rocket.

Azurite crystal from Namibia

Chalcedony var. Chrysoprase from Australia

The Green Phantom // check out this geometric caped crusader of Fluorite, another amazing crystal treasure posted by @therockhuntress. It a large chunk of gem fluorite with a green "phantom" zone inside it showing (very colourfully) the crystalline stages of its growth.

Blue Fluorite with Phantom Purple (by cobalt123)

The inside of a Meteorite. "Fun fact: Widmanstätten patterns found inside meteorites cannot be replicated on Earth. This is because the patterns can only be formed in extremely slowly cooling nickel/iron mixtures (over millions of years) to form two different alloys: Taenite and Kamacite, that form slightly different crystal structures."

Dioptase. Locality: Tantara Mine, Kakounde, Likasi, Shaba Congo D.R. Size: Specimen is 1.2 inches tall.

Designer Druzy Stone Cabochon Stunning Crystals AAA Gemstone 38mm (1849)


Iridescent Hematite, Goethite and Pyrophyllite / Graves Mountain, Lincolnton, Georgia. Man, I'd love to find something like this!