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#8 - A POOR BODY IMAGE -It’s no wonder that a number of us suffer with some sort of warped or poor body image. Nobody is perfect, but the Media have inundated & surrounded us with gorgeous & insanely unobtainable air-brushed bodies everywhere! Sadly, these do take their toll negatively on our sex lives. Start working on feeling comfortable in your own skin to avoid hindering your sex life any further. Check out the before and after airbrush image below (Image credit to


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negative body images that girls are exposed to

ピンもと:The Huffington Post

What Happened When I Had Sex Every Day For A Year

What Happened When I Had Sex Every Day For A Year, a great article and a great video about intimacy and body image!

DISMORFOBINA. Barcelona-based photographer Natalia Pereira created this uncomfortable series, Dismorfobina. The photographs brings attention to body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), a mental illness involving body image issues that results in depression and social phobia. The artist says of the series that it is a “message that encourages us to search for our imperfection.” Natalia Pereira8

Photos of female celebrities with and without retouching. So stop comparing yourself to pictures in magazines and stop hating on your body for all of the "imperfections" that you find with it!! Celebrities and even most fitness models have cellulite at least some of the time. You certainly can reduce your body fat to a low level to which you have much less fat and subsequently less cellulite by following a healthy diet, drinking lots of water and regular exercise.

Body Image and Responding to Negativity

Britney Spears released photos of herself to demonstrate the changes photos go through in the media - the left side is the original photo, and the right side is the retouched photo.

love yourself, forget what society say you're beautiful