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Star Wars: Episode VIII is delayed until December 2017

Disney confirms delaying the release of Star Wars VIII until December 2017. I'm pretty sure the fans can wait, if it means for the movie being better.

'Nut rage': Former Korean Air executive visits air stewards

The former Korean Air executive who delayed a plane over how she was served nuts tries to apologise in person to the airline staff involved.

Imitation Game wins Toronto top prize

Scene from film

Victorian strangeness: The man who fired a torpedo down a High Street

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Sarajevo's iconic war-bombed city hall re-opens

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James Holmes: Parents of Aurora 'gunman' beg for his life

Undated photo of James Holmes

Arctic sea ice volume holds up in 2014

CryoSat (Esa)

7ft ichthyosaur fossil found on beach near Penarth

Fossil of ichthyosaur

Paris attacks: The investigation so far

Map showing locations of 13 November attacks and list of suspected attackers

Oscar Pistorius prosecutors 'twisted facts', defence says

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