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Martha Boers is an immensely talented seamstress and doll costume designer.

エラー | ヤプログ!

Marie Antoinette in theTrianon Doll: Photo by By golondrina411 on Flickr Photo courtesy of the Gallery of Historical figures (http://www.galleryofhistoricalfigures)

What a beauty, Stella by Raurencio studio

Guliana - EID Gallery 2011 - Antique Lilac

ボークスニュースのロリーナいいなぁ、手もいいよねぇ とかヒトリゴト言いつ...

Lucretia - Gallery 2010 - Antique Lilac❤❤❤

Best of the Best : Bébé Thuillier.

AHHHH!!! <3 Love this so much! The contrast (here I am, trying to sound smart, haha) works so much!! (I'm not even sure if the word "contrast" should even be used here.)