Royal Elephant II, a giclee , by the artist Janet Kruskamp. This original oil painting is one of a set of two paintings showing Royal Elephants. Royal Elephant II depicts a medium brown colored elephant facing left, wearing a crown, decorated with gold bands around and on the tips on the tusks, and wearing a brightly colored fringed carpet over his back and holding a scepter up high in his trunk. A wide decorated border frames a parchment like background.

Rajah's Feast - an oil painting of a royal elephant who has broken his golden chain to feast on the fruits and flowers, one of Janet Kruskamp's Original Oil Paintings, , by artist Janet Kruskamp


Yuko Higuchi...

象の精神,象のもの,部屋の壁,マンダラ動物,笑顔,馬,装飾されました,Elephant Bug,Elephant Encore

Chihiro Nakamura

サラDesenghos,甘いサラ,ケイアート,ケイ求めます,サラ・イラスト,優しさ,顔,漕ぎ手の子どもたち,Sharapova Kay

Three women walking in the snow.. Ukiyo-e woodblock print, 1820’s, Japan, by artist Utagawa Kunisada I

Jaipur Elephant Turq Ikat by Jennifer Brinley | Ruth Levison Design


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