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This is a looks like an amazing planet

Soap bubble macro photography

soap bubble

未設定 - Global bubble! via Mário Caldeira

Blue flower

「生命誕生の余韻」水と油の魔法な視覚世界 Jane Thomas


Water drops- what a great photo to study color/ highlight/ shadow. Lots of how to's on Youtube: here is one I light:

Macro Soap Film Photography by Jane Thomas | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration

Miroco Machiko Red Pepper, 2008

,A close-up of a llama’s eye! The wavy patterns are called "iridic granules" and they act as horizontal filters. Llamas, interestingly enough, have three eyelids, as well as other more common features of the eye such as a cornea, a sclera, an iris and pupil, a lens, a retina and an optic disk. Llamas have an oval-shaped pupil, like some other animal species, and due to their small head sizes, their eyes have a tendency to look quite large.