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The Aquarium #11 by on @deviantART

Spinosaurus by on @DeviantArt

How Much Do You Know About Liopleurodon?

Name:Liopleurodon (Greek for "smooth-sided teeth"); pronounced LIE-oh-PLOOR-oh-donHabitat:Oceans worldwideHistorical Period:Late Jurassic (165-150 million years ago)Size and Weight:About 30 feet long and 10 tonsDiet:Fish and squidsDistinguishing Characteristics:Massive head with numerous sharp teeth; four large flippersLiopleurodon - Marine Reptiles

Predator X is back, hunting in deep water where it's able to use it's full power, derived from it's massive size.

Spinosaurus fishes for prey - Planet Dinosaur - BBC (+lista de reproducc...

Minecraft Dinosaurs | Jurassic Craft Modded Survival Ep 10! "HAVING A CHILD TOGETHER" - YouTube

Dinosaur Larger Than T-Rex Was a Great Swimmer, Ate Sharks

The 44,000-pound 50-foot-long Spinosaurus measured more than 9 feet longer than the world's largest documented T. rex specimen.

Predator X aka Pliosaurus funkei.

Akhlut (Maiacetus Inuus)