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David Alleyne (Prodigy) x Tommy Shepherd (Speed) from Young Avengers ©Marvel

Young Avengers - America Chavez x Kate Bishop - AmeriKate

Asgardian/Billy Kaplan fanart by ACR

Check out Young Avengers #3 by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie! Should the team trust Loki?

Scarlet Witch cover

Sugar, Spice Avengers Initiative: When the Powerpuff Girls joined the Avengers... Blossom Tony Stark, Buttercup Hulk, Bubbles Thor, and the Professor Fury.

2016年モデラーズクラブ合同作品展 作品一覧

[Image: In the top image, David Alleyne and Tommy...

[Image: In the top image, David Alleyne and Tommy Shepherd are making out; Tommy is kissing David’s neck. David: “Tommy, don’t you think our relationship is moving kinda … fast?” In the next image, Tommy is turning away and David is holding out a hand to stop him. Tommy: “goodbye david.” David: “Hahahaha no wait I’m sorry.”] kawaiisharkarts: horrible

(32) billy kaplan | Tumblr

Tommy Shepherd