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blue eyes; Quotes & Laughs; Not sure if this is true for all but I think it describes me pretty well

Behind the most beautiful eyes, lay secrets deeper and darker than the mysterious sea.

I'm tough, ambitious, and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch, okay.

so true

Be strong, do what you think you cannot do...

Really silly hot loved by everyone smile to die for loves to laugh and smile have gorgeous eyes. Id say all of that is correct except hot. I hate it when people say "your hot" im a person not a temperature! I have been told all if these things except hot cuz all of friends are guys and if they call me hot i litteraly punch their arm b/c when i first became friends with them i said that exact sentence. Im not a temperature peole!

The geek in me wants these sooo bad!

Omg . I really need a certain person see this . Maybe they would understand !!!!

One of the many things I loved about having babies was being awake during the blue light before dawn, when the world had not yet wakened. Everything was clear and quiet, including my thoughts.