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Baron Hill Mansion The now derelict and awesomely overgrown Baron Hill Mansion. Taken on: August 14, 2014

Famous Abandoned Mansion "Villa de Vecchi" in Italy. Known as "the ghost mansion" by the kids

Called The Forbidden mansion near Calcutta, India

Edith's aunt's mansion, Wyndclyffe, Rhinebeck, NY terrified Edith as a child., Wyndcliffe Mansion, Rhinebeck, NY

classic architecture balconies, Barcelona (via ilogicagc.tumblr 13783050915)


Don't know if I could ever really be happy in a place like this, but it would be an adventure to try!

Abandoned amusement park, japan I wonder how people can just up and leave stuff like this?

Wyndcliffe is an abandoned mansion in the town of Rhinebeck, New York. The scale of this place is absolutely enormous, and its style seems different from any of the other Hudson River estates. The owner, Ms. Jones, was a relative of the Astors. The house reputedly inspired the phrase "keeping up with the Joneses"...

On the grounds of Nanzen-ji Temple is an archaic looking arched red brick structure called the Suirokaku. This is a raised aqueduct dating from the Meiji Period that forms part of the Lake Biwa Canal used to bring water from Lake Biwa to Kyoto. Built in the style of the ancient Roman raised aqueducts, today there is a pedestrian walkway along the top. While all the rivers in Kyoto flow southwards, the incline of the aqueduct has been adjusted so that the water flows northward.