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Todus todus/Jamaican Tody/ジャマイカコビトドリ

I love this hummingbird photo!

Bird of paradise


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Cuban Tody - ©Ian Merrill (via SurfBirds) - The Cuban Tody is a bird species in the family Todidae that is restricted to Cuba and adjacent islands. The species is characterized by small size, large head relative to body size, and a thin, pointed bill


The spectacular Resplendent quetzal is Guatemala’s national bird, and an image of it is on the flag and coat of arms of Guatemala. It is also the name of the local currency. The resplendent quetzal was considered divine, associated with the “snake god”, Quetzalcoatl by Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican civilizations. Its iridescent green tail feathers, symbols for spring plant growth, were venerated by the ancient Aztecs and Maya, who viewed the quetzal as the “god of the ai

Japanese Crane 丹頂鶴

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