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Silk-based, 3-D printer ink for use in biomedical implants or tissue engineering.

This printer. It doesn't use ink. It TANS the paper. Suntan, tan. That's so intriguing.


SHARP シャープ株式会社 on

SHARP PC/TV (1982).


How I plan and write my blog posts

How I plan and write my blog posts — Printed Ink Designs

CES: SONY 新ウォークマン「NW-ZX2」 : promostyl JAPAN news


Joshua Harris' 3D Clothing Printer Recycles Old Garments to Create New Apparel

Joshua Harris 3D Clothing Printer Recycles Old Garments and Dispenses New Attire

Apple Mouse.

Scientists have developed the first hybrid cell, which is capable of harnessing both motion and sunlight on a miniature scale. Nanogenerators can collect kinetic energy at the nanoscale by relying on piezoelectricity, and solar energy via existing dye-sensitized solar cell technology.

Apple 17" display for former G3 Mac — 今でも使ってる。綺麗だよなあこれ。


Tiny resorbable semiconductors: Smooth as silk 'transient electronics' dissolve in body or environment

Transient Electronics by sciencedaily: New biocompatible electronic devices, encapsulated in silk, can dissolve harmlessly into their surroundings after a precise amount of time. These "transient electronics" promise medical implants that never need surgical removal, as well as environmental monitors and consumer electronics that can become compost rather than trash. Photo by Fiorenzo Omenetto/Tufts University. #Transient_Electronics #Fiorenzo_Omenetto