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Silk-based, 3-D printer ink for use in biomedical implants or tissue engineering.

You can now print human tissue with the $10,000 Biobot1 machine | This Philadelphia-based startup is making waves with its 3D Bioprinter, which might one day be able to print extremely complex structures – like entire organs [Bioprinting: 3D Printing:]


Chinese surgeons from the Southwest Hospital of the Third Military Medical University have developed a new treatment method for ankle joint deformity surgeries that relies on 3D printed grafts and is far more efficient than conventional methods.

SHARP シャープ株式会社 on

SHARP PC/TV (1982).

Hospital Fabricates Blood Vessels Using 3D Printing >

CES: SONY 新ウォークマン「NW-ZX2」 : promostyl JAPAN news

Dispositivo impreso en 3D ayuda a regenerar nervios dañados

Apple Mouse.

Materials Scientists Turn Metal Into Glass - In a newly published study, University of Pittsburgh researchers report an experimental approach to the formation of monoatomic metallic glasses through ultrafast liquid quenching. Metallic glasses are unique in that their structure is not crystalline (as it is in most metals), but rather is disordered, with the atoms randomly arranged. They are strong, easily processed and sought for various commercial applications