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Great shot of a Borzoi A dream of mine is to be at a point in my life when I can own a Borzoi. I think they are beautiful dogs, and they require a lot of attention and space to roam. I would name him "Borzoi", because I love the way the breed's name feels in my mouth.

Borzoi ('Russian Wolfhound', Originally from Central Asia), Cousins of Greyhounds, they are very fast, and very pretty

paul croes greyhound. I personally don't like the look of greyhounds but this one is beautiful!


It's About Time We Sat Down And Talked About Borzois


馬を訓練するボーダーコリー 今日は、馬を訓練する犬「ヒーカン」ちゃんヒーカンは英語では、Hekan、 「つまり何でも出来る」 という意味の He can do anythingの省略形です。 オーストラリアなので、ヒーキャンではなく、ヒーカン。



This has been on my hard drive for literally ones of months. This is a Russian wolfhound, aka Borzoi. Look at him. He's biting the kid's arm. This photo is extremely hilarious to me.