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#Blanket #Octopus: the super villain of all animals is 2 meters long with an enormous cape behind it. The octopus is the only animal immune to the stings of the man of war jellyfish, by the way it will also rip off the stingers of the jellyfish... Stay away

Spotted jellyfish

Clownfish did have one pre-Nemo claim to fame: they exploit their immunity to sea anemone toxins by hiding out in the oceanic invertebrates’ poisonous tentacles. Depending on the color of the anemone, this attribute provides nature photographers with a goldmine of imaging opportunities.


Kelp Forest

If I were a billionaire I'd build an entire house around a huge aquarium so it could be seen in every room, then I'd help the wildlife people by helping take care of sea turtles.

Alor Is. (Timor) - Indonesia. A Sea Star, Iconaster longimanus


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