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IAI Lavi (Lion) -- multi-billion $ fighter aircraft project developed by Israeli government in the '80s, canceled due to lack of funds and to the pressures of US administration (it was a potential competitor for the export of F-16). Lavi was plenty of groundbreaking technologies developed by Israeli engineers. Many of the Lavi's sub-systems and components continued to be developed by the Israeli aerospace industry and are nowadays available in the defense marketplace as separate systems.

Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft picture

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A-10 Warthog taxiing on a sortie in Yugoslavia. The A-10 and OA-10 Thunderbolt IIs are the first Air Force aircraft specially designed for close air support of ground forces. They are simple, effective and survivable twin-engine jet aircraft that can be used against all ground targets, including tanks and other armored vehicles. (U.S. Air Force photo)

vought A-7 corsair 2

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ショートSA.4スペリン (Short SA.4 Sperrin)

Lockheed Martin F-16DJ Fighting Falcon