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Kawasaki P-1 RAF Version


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Airbus Family

Japan’s Kawasaki P-1 maritime patrol aircraft has made its global debut at the Royal International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford in the U.K. Afterwards, the two aircraft will deploy to Djibouti for testing in hot conditions. The U.K. is expected to re-establish a requirement for a maritime patrol aircraft later this year. Photo: AWST/Tony Osborne

The first captive-carry flight of the NB-52 and X-15-1 on March 10, 1959

MGR-1 オネスト・ジョン 冷戦期アメリカの戦術核ミサイルだ。少人数用のデイビーばっかりネタにされるけど冷静に考えると歩兵師団ごときが核兵器を運用するのも頭おかしいよなぁ。編成についてはペントミックでググれ、そして編成沼にハマれ。

This pair of Mk. V Hawker Tempest's demonstrate the two different power plants tried out. Nearest is an experimental machine fitted with an annular radiator for its Sabre engine, while EJ 823 was a standard in service version with a Napier Sabre engine with the well known "beard" radiator.


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PR-9トゥーカン(PR-9 Tukan)。ポーランドに本部を置くジェシュフ工科大学によって開発されたUAV(無人航空機)の一つ。光ビーコンを使用した衝突回避テクノロジーの研究などを意図する。最大離陸重量は5.5kg。