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Bereznyak-Isaev BI-1, First Soviet rocket fighter. The new design was called BI for Blizhnii Istrebitel (close-range fighter), but the letters were also understood by everyone to stand for its inventors: Bereznyak and Isaev.

Los aviones de combate Argentinos desde 1930 a 2012

I.AE. 27 PULQUI I D-700

Beriev Bartini VVA 14 (with wings)

FMA I.Ae. 27 Pulqui I (1947) was an Argentine jet fighter designed at the "Instituto Aerotecnico" (AeroTechnical Institute) in 1946 by Emile Dewoitine. Only one prototype was completed; unsatisfactory performance led to the aircraft being superseded by a later design.

BAE Nimrod AEW.3 So fucked up looking it could never fail!

4 February 1948 first flight #flighttest of the Douglas Skyrocket D-558-2

Heinkel He 111H-6 (A1+HT)(WNr 4566) of 9./KG 53 at Gostkino, Leningrad Oblast, late 1942. Kampfgeschwader 53 supported 'Fall Blau' and the German Sixth Army at the Battle of Stalingrad, and took part in the desperate resupply operation after the Russian counteroffensive had encircled the Sixth Army. Attacks were also carried out in northern Russia, against Leningrad. (Colorised by Scott Spencer)

Leduc over SO Armagnac - France

Cockpit & internals of a Yokosuka MXY7 Ohka rocket powered suicide aircraft.

Convair XF-92A - 1948