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アニメは離陸します,心,引用符,Different Kindsof Anime,Kawaii Shizzle,Anime Take Off

This i barely related to Portal, but.... think about the part in Blue Sky when Wheatley....

I wish I could fall off a bridge but I have fallen in love thinking maybe this time will be different

Kofuku Ebisu - I wish they used a different picture to go along with the quote. This looks weird but I love Noragami nevertheless.

07-Ghost Mikage I love this quote so much! I've been thinking the same thing recently! Great to see that I'm not the only one who thinks so :D

Jerza~ о(ж>▽<)y♥ Be honest. There is one who can make your name sound so damn special, right? ;)

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I'll push away my happiness if it means you can be happy

Ótimos amigos são difíceis de encontrar difícil de sair, e impossível esquecer