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Celebrimbor - D39. Apparently the farther removed one is in terms of genealogy from Feanor, the smarter one becomes. Celebrimbor did not agree with his father, Curufin, in Nagothrond, and perfectly fin with him leaving.

In those days Elves and Men were of like stature and strength of body, but the Elves had greater wisdom, and skill, and beauty… ~ The Silmarillion, Chapter 12 (Finrod, Beor and the Green-elves of Ossiriand by steamey on deviantART)

Келебримбор D39 Celebrimbor

Reborn Thingol and Melian. <--It was for reasons like this that Tolkien abandoned his elves reborn as children idea....

Lineup by dakkun39

Death of Finrod Felagund by Anke Eißmann. "In the pits of Sauron Beren and Finrod lay, and all their companions were now dead; but Sauron purposed to keep Finrod to the last, for he perceived that he was a Noldo of great might and wisdom, and he deemed that in him lay the secret of their errand. But when the wolf came for Beren, Finrod put forth all his power, and burst his bonds; and he wrestled with the werewolf, and slew him with his hands and teeth; yet he himself was wounded to the…

"And Fingon in sorrow took the lordship of the house of Fingolfin and the kingdom of the Noldor; but his young son Ereinion (who was after named Gil-galad) he sent to the Havens." Credit: luperce

Maglor - Ah... Tolkien. He has all kind of tragedies, personal, collective, familiar. You can have one, or all! Ask Tolkien, the Lord of Tragedies.