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Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, also known as Czech Wolfdog, Slovak Wolfdog, Czechoslovakian Vlcak etc is a relatively new breed. The breed was originally used for military work. Gradually, people started recognizing this wolf-dog hybrid’s other talents like herding, search and rescue, tracking, agility, obedience and so on.

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Czechoslovakian Wolf Dog

Russian Toy Terrier-Active and cheerful, the Russkiy Toy was originally bred both as an anti-rat dog and a watch dog. The second quality is still active in the breed, and they can be very vocal. They can become quite attached to their family, regardless of the ages of the family members. Russian Toy usually is very reserved with strangers, but very loyal to his owner, that he chooses once and for all and is ready to protect him from any perceived danger.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog - I am obsessed with dogs that look like wolves... I really want a dog that looks like a wolf or a wolf-dog....

Czechoslovakian wolfdog. This is literally a dog crossed with a wolf--a German shepherd and a Carpathian timber wolf. I need one.

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