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The Treasure of the Royal Tombs of Tanis (ca.1070-712 B.C.) - Cairo Egyptian Museum

Egypt - Gold necklace of Psusennes I (detail), Dynasty XXI, 3rd Intermediate period, Tanis

Egyptian collar dating to the 18th Dynasty, specifically 1479-1425 BCE. Made of gold, carnelian, obsidian, and glass, the collar terminates with images of falcons with King Thutmose III’s name and was probably a gift to one of his wives. From the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

From Atocha ship wreck. Bars of gold coins, and links from some gold chains all…

Falcon collar of Princess Neferuptah Twelfth Dynasty, reign of Amenemhat III, 1831-1786 BC | gold, carnelian, feldspar | The Egyptian Museum, Cairo

Bracelet of Queen Ahhotep -- 1530 BCE -- Gold w/ lapus lazuli & other precious beads -- Egypt, Dynasty 18 -- Belonging to the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, Cairo.

Musée du Louvre : Bague-sceau au nom du roi Horemheb