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Anuket - Goddess of the Nile river. Egypt, Dynasty XIX. / Louvre

Jomon goddess figure, left side. (Japan's Jomon era: 14,000 BCE to about 300 BCE)

Goddess Hathor Emblem. Middle Kingdom (ca. 2033-1710 BC). Gold. Egypt. | Photo (C) Musée du Louvre, Dist. RMN-Grand Palais / Christian Decamps

Jomon goddess figure (Japan's Jomon era: 14,000 BCE to about 300 BCE)


The blue mummy mask of Senu, a government official who was active 3,800 years ago. The mask was discovered by an excavation team of the Waseda University Institute of Egyptology at a site north of Dashur in 2005. The institute has had many successful results during the last 40 years. This mummy of Senu is the oldest case of excavation in complete form, before any illegal digging had taken place, and is an extremely valuable find.

Monumental Seated Mother. Circa 1200 A.D., Seljuq Dynasty, Iran. 31 cm (12 1/4 in.).

Death Mask on Behance Furio Tedeschi

Yuki-Onne (Japanese.) A Goddess of death who chills into numbness those who will die, making their death peaceful. She cuts the cord at life’s end.

It was believed that Ra wept, and from the tears he wept came man. These cult-followers believed that Ra was self-created, while followers of Ptah believed that Ra was created by Ptah. In a passage of the Book of the Dead, Ra cuts himself, and his blood transforms into two intellectual personifications: Hu, or authority, and Sia, or mind. Ra is also accredited with the creation of the seasons, months, plants, and animals.

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