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therapy dog...don't ya just love it!

The Red Cross offers free training for volunteers and their pets who are interested in becoming Animal Assisted Therapy volunteers. Pets obtain pet therapy certification (no cost involved) and begin volunteering. Owners and their pets can make visits on their own or as part of a group.

best bed ever

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A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself

It's amazing what animals can do for people:) US Veterans Hospital. Service Dogs flank the the grinning vet.

働く犬たち The Working Dogs 写真特集

Sea search and rescue dog, in Italy.

Heros Legacy: From Abandoned Dog to Therapy Dog

ドラックストアで簡単に購入出来るハッカ油ってご存知ですか? ハッカ油が万能すぎるので使い方を紹介します!! ハッカ油とは!? 効能としては...

Seven-year-old Cleo was rescued two years ago by her dog dad, Scott. She had been used as a breeder dog and lived alone in a yard with little interaction. Scott is proud to report that Cleo passed the therapy dog international certification program – which usually takes two to three hours – in just 20 minutes, and she has worked with Scott as a hospital’s pet therapy volunteer, mainly on the Oncology/Hospice floor, for more than a year.