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A full suit of 'Karacena' scale armour of the Polish Winged Hussar.

Scaly armor (karacena). The turn of 17-18 centuries. National Museum in Krakow

war elephant | miss the indian war elephant armor at puglisi gun emporium

Ainu Leather Armor(keikou)

Three-quarter armour of the Polish Winged Hussar.

Japanese ARMOR Japan

Winged Hussar Armour


Indian (Deccan) khula-khud (helmet), zirah baktar (mail and plate shirt) 17th Century approx. 95 cm. long, the long-sleeved mail shirt with eight frontal plaques embellished with gilt mounts, the back with five vertical rows of small plaques, Persian / Ottoman bazu band (vambrace/arm guard), pair of red leather boots with one Ottoman mail-and-plate kolçak (greaves or shin armor).