How to root Fiddle Leaf Fig from stem or leaf cuttings! Now you can have the one of the most gorgeous indoor plants and propagate it for every room! - A Piece Of Rainbow

The easiest and most foolproof way to grow indoor plants in glass bottles and water. 10 beautiful plants for an easy-care indoor garden and clean air! - A Piece Of Rainbow

Gethyllis sp. with spiral leaves, provenance Bitterfontein in South Africa. Remarkable and odd genus.

How to Not Kill Your Succulents

休みのたびにゴソゴソと寄せ植えしたり枯れたものを抜いたり 庭仕事はしてもなかなかブログ更新まで辿り着けず。。。 バーゴラ前、模様替えしてみました。 ...

Japanese moss ball bonsai - perfect minature garden accessory

Oxalis purple clover. Part-shade. Perennial? Gorgeous foliage and cute white flowers that bloom spring through early summer. If this is anything like my wood sorrel, it spreads readily, is somewhat drought tolerant, and just an easy-going, shade-loving wonder plant. (2013)

Ladle as a succulent planter!

Don't have a garden? No problem. Follow these easy guides to grow various vegetables and fruits indoors.

potted bench.

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