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Aegean cat from the Greek islands

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Aegean cat-patched tabby The Aegean cat is a naturally occuring breed of the Cyclades, a group of islands in the Aegean Sea, belonging to Greece. The Aegean cats are semi-long haired relatives of the Turkish Angora cat.

The Australian Mist (formerly called the Spotted Mist) is a cross between the Abyssinian cat (a nicely balanced and a very popular cat), the Burmese and domestic shorthair (mixed breed) cats.

指をくわえる猫 | Sumally 猫は気品があるというか、シルエットがとても綺麗な生き物だと思う。透明感がある感じがするし、歩いてる姿も止まってる姿も綺麗だなと思う

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