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What makes you feel confident?

Own it! - Believe me I sure do especially when I know I am looking GOOD!!!!!!!!

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Japanese words 一期一会 ichi-go-ichi-e: This proverb to come from tea ceremony.It means "This time meeting you in this way is the only once that never comes round. Therefore let's think this moment to be important, and do the highest entertainment that can be done now. This is knowledge of the first on the list of the tea ceremony of Sen no Rikyu. In other words, it means that you may meet the person again and again, but you contact with a person with resolution that it is likely not to meet.

I couldn't of said it ANY better!! This is my reason for EVERYTHING that I do!! I know what it feels like to have HATERS and have people that just totally are CRUEL and MEAN to you. People that tear others down have the issue NOT YOU!! I'm here to BUILD others up and make them feel special. That's my purpose!!

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